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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

2345 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States



"By Madeline Trait" is a place for unique and whimsical design, illustration and art. 

I love to draw and create. I get a happy feeling when I am creating, I get giddy when I have a new idea and then I get excited to share it with my community.  My inspiration comes from my social, physical and even sometimes my dream worlds. I have an eclectic style that reflects my love of exploration and color. 

All my creative projects start with illustrations and sometimes become a print, pattern, product or a piece of art.  

My Cake Toppers started from an idea to create something lovely and long lasting for special celebrations. They are my small contribution to helping make memories last. The idea is that the cake topper becomes a memento where memories are placed on it and then it is something treasured for years to come. I view it as art that is collaboration between me and you. 

I welcome all wholesale and licensing inquiries to contact me at 


Event design started from playing with flowers and then I began getting requests from my family and friends to arrange flowers for their weddings. I have done many weddings and am now re-focusing more on my art. However, I take a select few events a year. So if you want me to design your next event, drop me a line with the details.