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Tournament of Roses Parade goes local!

Madeline Trait

As part of  my business plan I have been researching where all our flowers are grown. It may be surprising to you that 70% of the U.S. flower supply is imported. Of that supply the majority of those flowers come from Colombia and Ecudador. So it is no surprise to find this article in the LA Times about how the majority of the flowers used for the Rose Parade are grown outside of the U.S. 

However this year there was a shift. Two floats decided that they were only going to use locally grown flowers and plants. One of those two floats was Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (my alma mater) and Pomona. 

This is even more interesting due to the fact that the parade was started to show off the splendor of California's year round growing weather. 

2012 is truly showing a shift toward thinking locally rather than globally. 

See the full article here:

LA Times

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