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A place to share news, advice, ideas, and my process with you.  

A year in review

Madeline Trait

It is hard to believe that 2011 is over. The year has flown by though I am excited for all the new possibilities that 2012 will bring, it is also good to reflect on what has happened this year. 

My third nephew was born on January 10th! 


I became a member of Locally Grown Weddings, the premier green team for your wedding. By joining , I have been able to refine my green practices as well as work with a well groomed team. We all help one another produce events that run smoothly from the planning to execution. We also worked together to create multiple faux wedding photo shoots. I was lucky enough to be the stylist for the shoots and make sure we stayed on point for the concept and overall look. Our hard work paid off when they were featured in several of the wedding blogs. Way to go team. I look forward to what 2012 will bring to our very talented team. 

I was also selected out of 70 artists to create an art installation for the SF Artery Project, Art in Store fronts Central Market. The piece was titled Trashformation where thousands of butterflies transformed out of heap of aluminum cans. It was a commentary on the central market corridor and it's continual transformation. As part of this project I also got some notice from the Wall Street Journal and was included in the article about the project. Pretty exciting for me!


I moved!! As part of moving I lost my backyard garden and basement studio. However, I gained an art studio in the Art Explosion SF. It is great to be part of such a creative community and continues to give me constant inspiration and creative energy. I do have a small shade garden at my home, which will soon be providing hellebores and other beautiful greens. 

(Gus claimed his spot at the studio)

I completed a 14 week intensive business planning class at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship center. It was a fantastic class and I highly recommend it to anyone in business or starting a new business. It provided among other things motivation to plan, revise and refine my business. I met some other amazing entrepreneurs and look forward to see what everyone will be up to in 2012. 

I worked. I had several fantastic weddings with Locally Grown Weddings and on my own. It is always great to meet engaged couples and help them make a festive and beautiful space for their special day. Thank you to all my clients for letting me make your vision a reality. 

What's coming up in 2012?!

I have a lot planned for this year. So just wait and see what I will be up to, I am sure there will be something of interest to you.


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