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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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What is this "Pop Up" shop anyway?

Madeline Trait

I wanted to clear things up for everyone as I have been asked by several people "what is this pop up shop thing?" 


In the Banana Republic that is located at Grant and Sutter downtown they have dedicated a portion of the store to SF Made. If you don't know what SF Made is, it is a non-profit who's aim is to support and promote manufacturing in San Francisco. So, the store is a partnership between SF Made and Banana Republic as a way to promote local businesses. Where I come in is that they wanted to have fresh flower as a part of the store since it was happening during the spring. 


I was presented with the opportunity and was more than happy to try this experiment out. The way that the flowers work is that I am delivering fresh locally grown flowers bi-weekly to the store where the Banana Republic staff sells them. The products are $15 and $30 pre-wrapped bouquets and flowers in locally made vases at $50 and $75. I am there on Fridays and Saturdays to create custom wrapped bouquets for people at the following price points of $15, $30, $50 and $75. I will be working on offering delivery from the store as well as pre-ordered bouquets for pick-up or delivery as I am still figuring out logistics on that. 

So how long is this going on? It will be open until May, so you can order arrangements from me for Mother's Day!!


I always love company, so if you are downtown on Fridays and Saturdays, please come by and say hello!



Pictures from the shop. 








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