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A lovely gift

Madeline Trait

Valentines is approaching and of course flowers are always a lovely gift however an equally lovely gift are candles. Candles like flowers add ambiance and amazing fragrances. However with so many brands out there it can be hard to find a good one. So, here are two of my favorites.

The first one is Market Candle and at $10 this candle is a steal. Made with soy wax and scents like Fig Rose Black Pepper and Ginger Lemongrass you are sure to delight and be delighted with these wonderful scents. They aren't too overbearing as some candles can be but add a light fragrance to the air that won't knock you to the ground.

The second is Diptyque. Diptyque was started in Paris in 1961 and the fact that it has survived this long is testament to how wonderful their scents are. Visting one of their shops is a fragrant experience where you are guided through their scents to find the one that best suits you. In addition to candles they have home and personal fragrances that are equally good. With so many great scents, I don't have just one favorite but multiple. These lovely scents are an investment at $60 for a large candle and $28 for the small but I think its well worth it. 

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