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Weddings in Review - Catie and Russ

Madeline Trait

With 2012 is behind me, I am looking forward by reviewing and analyzing what was successful in 2012. To start the reflection I am posting the best weddings of 2012. What made them the best is that they were full of new ideas, challenges and of course great clients and collaborators. 

The first of this series is a Locally Grown Weddings production for Catie and Russ. Sharon, Catie's mother was also an integral part to the planning process making it a family collaboration. The couple wanted to bring in bright colors while Sharon wanted to ensure that the color didn't clash with the surroundings of the lush gardens of Campovida. The result was to add the color by using colors that would occur naturally in this garden setting. With the use of marigolds, dahlias, strawflowers, herbs and figs we achieved a festive look while not clashing with the environment in which it was placed.  

The concept of the event design was to reflect the environment in which the wedding was taking place while making it feel festive. For the table names we used the names of an herb or fruit that grew in the surrounding gardens and then laser cut its silhouette out of chipboard. Each sign placed in a stone stand that looked as though it was plucked from the surrounding garden. The idea of the chipboard cutouts were also used for the escort cards as well as other signage creating a sense of cohesion. In the dining area, natural linens were placed on rustic tables while colorful flower garlands were hung overhead to create a festive atmosphere. To decorate the table tops we used candles, herbs, and figs in Weck Canning Jars to give it a refined country look. Pei-Yee the Locally Grown Weddings dessert maven created an ice cream bar for dessert. So we worked together to ensure the look of it worked with the overall design.  Pei-Yee added colored paper to the cones and we selected coordinating linens and I created coordinate signage. The final result, a beautiful and memorable celebration.

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