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Hollywood Glam

Madeline Trait

In May I had the pleasure of working for a couple who worked in the film industry who wanted to focus the decor around the idea of film and movies. We came up with a variety of ideas for this theme which got me thinking. There are a lot of variations on this particular theme that you could execute for your event. There is the vintage Hollywood route or go the complete opposite with something modern that includes movie elements incorporated into your event. Whichever direction you go this is a fun theme where there are many details that you can expand on from your decor to the food and drink that you serve. Below are some ideas that I particularly like and that I presented to my clients as well.  

  • Incorporate Film Reels into your decor
  • Make A "movie" poster to great your guests when they arrive
  • Marquee Letters - they can go with vintage or a modern decor
  • Have a film play on the wall or a screen as a backdrop to your reception 

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