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Best Friends For Frosting

Madeline Trait

I am a little late on this announcement but it's been a whirlwind of a month. The exciting news is that I will now be a monthly contributor for the popular blog Best Friends For Frosting. If you are not familiar with this blog, it is a great source for recipes and party ideas. Lucky for me they just re launched and will be including many more topics such as my posts which will focus on fun DIY ideas for parties and home. 

To kick things off I attended the relaunch party at the West Elm in Roseville. It was a great event where I met a lot of creative people as well as the main girls at Best Friends For Frosting, Melissa and Molly as well as some of the other talented contributors.  

I am so excited to be part of such a talented group and will be sharing my posts as well as the exciting people I meet along the way. Stay tuned as I already have a long list that I need to share. 

But for now, check out my inaugural post on Best Friends For Frosting! 

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