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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Monochromatic Flowers

Madeline Trait

Want to make a simple yet stunning arrangement for your end of summer soiree? 

Todays recipe will get your creative juices going and is super easy to construct.  

Key Points

  • Stay in the same color family, I chose shades of pink and purple
  • Choose a variety of shapes
  • Choose 4 to 5 different flower types.  

Using it for your dining table?  Carry the color theme further and use it in your table decor such as your napkins, dishes and even some of your entrees. 

I used four different flowers types: Dahlia, Camas, Scabiosa and Jasmine. 

To build the arrangement I started with the Jasmine and Scabiosa to give it structure and then added in the bigger blooms of the Dahlia and Camas to finish it off. I kept it loose to give it a casual organic quality.  

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