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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Bolt Fabric

Madeline Trait

I am sharpening my illustration skills by taking Lilla Rogers, Make Art That Sells online class. Each week we will focus on a specific industry for illustration and then create a project for it. Last weeks was bolt fabric and the subject matter for our assignment was rooted vegetables and pyrex. We started the week with a mini exercise creating sketches of the rooted vegetables and pyrex dishes. These were later used to create our bolt fabric pattern. 

The mini exercise is perfect to get ideas out onto paper. I started with the above sketches which evolved to the final icons in my pattern below. 

The challenge for me was finding the right color palette. I decided to go with a monochromatic look. Color is definitely something that I am continually working on. But I am happy with the result and the whole process. I like making patterns and I think this is something that I will continue to practice!

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