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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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CreativeLive Week 1

Madeline Trait

Week 1 of my artist in residence at CreativeLive has come and gone so quickly. As I have been easing into it by exploring the many classes they offer.  I was able to take one of the classes  "Adobe Illustrator: Essential Tools with Erica Gamet." Since I had some other jobs where I had to be on site, I was only able to take Part 1 of the class but that's all it took to get hooked. Erica had some great tips and tricks that were new to me so I am excited to put them into practice. I use illustrator to prep my illustrations to be cut by the laser cutter as well as to create custom work for other projects. I would say I am proficient at Illustrator but could definitely benefit from learning more about what it is capable of. 


My art project is progressing with the exploration of how community, space and technology intersect. One of my ideas is to create travel posters with the subjects being on line places or ideas that connect us such as the internet, cloud and technology in general. My thought is that the internet allows anyone to explore new worlds that are physical as well as virtual. With technology we are all connected in virtual worlds and communities and I want to figure out how those manifest into a physical form. I enjoy exploring this idea and can't wait to see what comes out of it. But it is also about the process and the journey. 

Lately I have been inspired by designers and artists such as Alexander Girard and Mary Blair. I love the timeless quality of their work as well as their use of color and composition. 


Today I am spending the day at CreativeLive and will have more to share for next week!

Oh and for anyone that missed my interview, check it out here. (It about 3o minutes into the clip)

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