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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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CreativeLive Week 2

Madeline Trait

Week 2 was the first week that I was able to start working at the CreativeLive offices in San Francisco. The office is a good environment to see the inner workings of all these great creative classes. The studios and the staff are top notch which makes me even more excited to be able to be part of this project. 

Last week I was able to watch "Build a Successful Creative Blog" with April Bowes. April has really good tips on getting your blog started, how to target your specific market and good goals and tips on figuring out what to write about. This is definitely one that I will need to go back to again as there is so much information to absorb and it is all useful so that I can bring content that is relevant and interesting to my audience. 


The project continues. I created several sketches last week developing my idea further of how to bring virtual and non-virtual communities into a visual form. Continuing with the idea of houses, I have started to create a list of communities however please add any you think of in the comments. I would love to hear about what communities are important to you. In the sketch to the right I have created a house for the mathematician, outdoor lovers, techie, bicyclist, and the minimalist. The sketches on the left are also ideas for posters, houses and possibly a wall hanging all addressing the idea of milieu. Some of the concepts behind the illustrations are tech and nature merging, The Cloud and my interpretation of "It's a Small World." It's all progressing and we will see where it goes this week. 



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