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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Madeline Trait


I am back. After a trip to Mexico and a wedding in Hopland, I get to return to my artist in residence at CreativeLive. I never really left but was out experiencing and putting to practice all the things I have learned thus far at CreativeLive. In between my travels and activities I was able to catch at least one class. I chose to focus on something technical as I can always use to refine my skills . I took Illustrator for Beginners by Erica Gamet which was a not only a good overview of the tools that I already use but a I was able to learn about new ones and other functions that I did not even known existed. I am really happy with this class as I think it will help me immensely with my production and it actually already has. 

2014-06-24 12.42.06-2.jpg

The art project, Milieu, has continued to progress and now it is time to make all these ideas into something. I was able to order solid wood houses made of poplar while I was out. Now that they have arrived I will begin to start painting some of them as well as create artwork that will be laser etched on some. I am super excited about how they will turn out. Each one will represent a community, individual or interest.

I have also been working on patterns that I am going to create into screens so that I can print them on fabric and make table linens as well as other home goods. The textiles are something that can infuse a bit of art into your environment and celebrations. I have limited experience silk screening, so I am excited to start practicing and get more experience so I can continue to grow and make even more detailed patterns. 

There are a couple other items that are brewing in my mind but I am trying to take one thing at a time as time management is something that I need to be very cognizant of...perhaps I should take a class on that. 

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