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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Madeline Trait

This week at CreativeLive: 

I was able attend one of the live classes as a student.  The class is paper crafts with Robert Mahar. By taking Robert's class I realized that learning new making skills is such a great creative outlet. Learning new techniques, meeting new people and learning how someone else approaches these projects just makes me wants to do this over and over again. Robert is so knowledgeable about all the techniques he presented. Not only does he present each project in clear way but knows the history of each technique which in turn motivates me dig deeper and learn more of the history of all the projects that I tackle. I also find it fascinating that Robert scours over vintage craft books which I had not thought about before but is such a smart way to approach DIY as all of these techniques have been around much longer than I have, we are just looking at them with fresh eyes. See this great class for yourself and you can also see my interview on Day 2 Pre-Show where I talk about the progress of my project at CreativeLive. 

Below are all the images I took throughout the two days in Robert's class showing some of the projects we tackled. 

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