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Madeline Trait

This year, I lot of my work has been inspired by Hawaii. The tropical flowers, the colors and the culture are all things that intrigue me about these unique islands. Part of the reason that Hawaii has become an inspiration is that I am getting married in Maui in April! I am super excited and will be bringing you loads of fun DIY posts and ideas for your own wedding or party. However, today, I wanted to talk about Hawaiian shirts. Hawaiian or Aloha shirts are an iconic fashion statement as well as a representation of island culture. There are a variety of styles and most have a bold graphic quality to them which I have grown to appreciate and look to for inspiration. 

So, I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorites finds in the world of Aloha shirts. 

Hawaii Aloha Fashion Hawaii Shirts Dress
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Liberty of London

Madeline Trait

Another current obsession I have is, Liberty of London. With their bright and cheery floral prints you are bound to find something that you fancy. Their patterns can be applied to a variety of products.  So here are a few of my favorite collaborations with unexpected brands such as Nike and J. Crew. All show their versatility and ability to reach multiple markets. 

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