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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Seema Krish Textiles

Madeline Trait

Earlier this year, I had an amazing opportunity to create illustrations for Seema Krish's new textile line, New York NY. Since their line has officially launched I am now able to share these illustrations with you and of course Seema's fabulous fabrics. 


Each pattern in the line was inspired by different New York neighborhoods so we came up with the concept of creating maps and cityscapes to then place the fabric on.  We wanted the illustrations to be line drawings without color so that the fabric would pop. 

I am always inspired by other designers work and am so delighted to be able to collaborate and create work that I would of otherwise never thought of. 

Thank you to Seema Krish and her team, it was so fun and I love the result!

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Madeline Trait

My process involves a lot of sketching and exploration. Lately, I have been exploring different mediums to sketch which helps me to work out my ideas and come to a finished design. Last week I switched from paint to pen. Pen is what I typically go to and paint is a newer medium for me. Painting helps me to be less rigid and more playful with my designs. Pen is about precision and detail and I feel much more comfortable with it. But both are equally important to coming to a finished idea. So, which direction so I go this week? Maybe both. 

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Madeline Trait

Today I am writing a post about my process and a large part of that is exploration. Exploring for me is testing out new ideas, techniques and taking classes. I explore and experiment a lot. Part of it is that I have an impulse to try these ideas and it's so strong I have to do it before I can work on anything else. I use to think this made me someone who lacks a focus and determination to get anything done. Well, now I have changed my tune a bit. I believe it let's me formulate my ideas and decide if this is something I want to pursue further. 

The last couple weeks I have been exploring a couple ideas, a new medium and a new sketch book. All this has is helping me figure out what I want for 2015 and what I want to offer you.

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Madeline Trait

I am continually updating my website to better explain my process and what I do. One thing that I often fail to convey is that I do custom cake toppers, maps and illustrations. 

The process is that you come to me with an idea and from that idea or ideas, I create three concept sketches. Below was a cake topper that was all about bringing San Francisco and San Diego together as one. 

After the three sketches are proposed we select one and develop it further or combine it with some of the ideas from the other concepts. 

Then once all the details confirmed, I create it!

This is also how the process works with illustrations and maps! See a few examples below. 

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