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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Madeline Trait

My process involves a lot of sketching and exploration. Lately, I have been exploring different mediums to sketch which helps me to work out my ideas and come to a finished design. Last week I switched from paint to pen. Pen is what I typically go to and paint is a newer medium for me. Painting helps me to be less rigid and more playful with my designs. Pen is about precision and detail and I feel much more comfortable with it. But both are equally important to coming to a finished idea. So, which direction so I go this week? Maybe both. 

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Madeline Trait

Fruit was my chosen theme of the week last week. I had a fun time playing around with ideas and just practicing what I love to do, draw. 

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March's Instagram

Madeline Trait

Wow, March has been a busy but exciting month. It's hard to stop and look back to what I have accomplished as I am always looking forward to all that I still need to do. So in an effort to be look where I have been so it's clearer where I'm going. 

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