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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Let the Butterflies Fly

Madeline Trait

I had the opportunity to do a butterfly installation at the Hilton Spa in the Financial District. I am so jazzed with how it came out! Want your own, contact me for details. 

The butterflies are created from posterboard and then I placed each one to create the composition to immediately transform the space.  


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Good Things - Loom Rugs

Madeline Trait

2015 is going to be a good year, I can just feel it. And to kick off the year, I am going to vow to blog more. What has happened in the past is that I get bogged down with what to write about. I always think "why would anyone think what I have to say is interesting?". So I am going to stop that way of thinking and bring to you my inspirations, explorations and ideas. 

To start off I am sharing some of my online finds. I am always looking online because my side gig is that I work as an interior designer...I just don't promote it much. But part of my duties are to find furniture, art and accessories for our projects. In doing so I come upon some great artisans and retailers.

So my first find for you, Loom Rugs. We are always looking for interesting rugs at all price points. Loom is right in the middle (though are located in Australia so shipping will be $$) but they have a great selection of kilim, vintage and contemporary rugs. Below is a sampling I find especially beautiful.

A rug is an important piece to any room and will help tie all your furniture together so select wisely. 

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Tina Frey Designs

Madeline Trait

Part of my task with the Banana Republic shop was to find something suitable to put the flowers in. So, with much search I found Tina Frey Designs

Tina has a interesting and modern line of resin tableware which includes vases. The resin is super durable and looks great in a multitude of settings from modern, eclectic to vintage. 

I look forward to working with more of her products in the future but for now I have two of her vases available for sale at Banana Republic as well as through my website. 

Happy Shopping!

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Nature inspires

Madeline Trait

Nature inspires many things and there is always something new to discover about it. It is abundant with beautiful patterns and colors that can take the imagination to many different directions.

So, what inspires this talk about nature? Well, I stumbled upon this collection of beetles in the New York Times and I just had to share my discovery. I see so many possibilities with these beetles/vases. They could be displayed as a large collection on a blank wall in your house or stand solo with some plant life displayed in it.

Either way, I just think they are visually stunning and would love to have them crawling up my wall.


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