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Madeline Trait

I have already fallen off the wagon of doing my assignment. Next week I will be better, so here it is:

Nothing is the same
When we give names to things, we often assume that everything that goes by that name is alike.

Take something in nature-two dandelions-and look at them for five minutes, listing how they are different from each other. Take two leaves from the same tree and do the same thing. Take two peas from the same pod and do the same thing. Nothing is the same. No thing is the same. Everything is itself one of a kind.

Do this for a week, then look back at these pairs of things again and make a new list. You will find more differences because you have been exercising your powers of observation.

Genius is looking at thing in an unhabitual way.

Work in the area where you are unsure, in places you've not been before.

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