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The many benefits of flowers

Madeline Trait

We all know that flowers are a great gift that instantly brings a smile to the face of the receiver. But did you know that flowers can actually lift your mood. 


One research study lead by psychologist, Nancy Etcoff, PhD, at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School followed the activities and moods of 55 people ranging in age from 25 to 60. Half the participants received a control gift, and the other half received fresh flowers. Then each participant kept diaries recording their moods and activities during the two-week time frame of the study.

Here were the results: 

"The results showed that the people with the fresh flowers in their home felt less worried and had fewer periods of anxiety or depression. They also felt more considerate of other people. And interestingly, they brought those effects to their workplaces. At work they were more relaxed and also had more energy and enthusiasm. The general effect of living with fresh flowers, for even this short period, was that people just felt more positive - about both their personal and professional lives." {full story here}


Try your own study by placing fresh flowers in areas where people spend a lot of time such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Experiment with different colors, shapes, sizes and scents of flowers to see what makes you feel happy.


Another benefit of flowers is their scent. It can change our perception and impressions of people. If someone just ate onions you are going to smell it on them and most likely be turned off. But if that same person had the sweet smell of flowers, your opinion may be the complete opposite. 


Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Nectar Essences, Jenny Pao. Jenny is a Holistic Healing Practitioner specializing who also specializes in Flower Essence Therapy. Her custom formulas were developed to bring people relief from daily stress. Not only did I learn so much about flower essences but was able to experience her line of fragrances, sprays, and oils and now I am hooked.  You can learn more about her and her products on her website [here].


Flowers are natures way of making us smile.   



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