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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Art Deco Wedding Photo Shoot

Madeline Trait

In the last couple weeks I have been working on producing an Art Deco inspired wedding photo shoot with Locally Grown Weddings. We just wrapped up on Wednesday and I am so excited that I wanted to give you a preview of what is coming. 

We started with the venue, The Hamilton, and went from there. The Hamilton is an old Art Deco hotel that was turned into residences in the 60's. The lobby, courtyard and ballroom have been restored in the last couple years and is a classic urban setting for a wedding. The art deco details are abundant and it was obvious that we need to use that movement as our inspiration. 

From there the details fell into place and the Locally Grown Weddings team went to work. We brought in additional partners for added details and everyone worked together brilliently. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Our inspiration board:

For the flowers, I used a lot of greenery with minimal flora. My thinking behind this was was that I wanted to do something unique but relevant to the time period and location. The green would contrast with the gold architectural elements of the building as well as coordinate with the green palms that filled the lobby. 

Here are a couple behind the scenes shots:


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