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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Thomas Farm

Madeline Trait

I discovered Thomas Farm's flowers at a farmers market in San Francisco and am so happy I did. Their flowers are beautiful, organic and sustainable. This is why I am using them for the pop up shop at Banana Republic with only a few other selected local farms.
Their History
Established in 1971, the Thomas Farm has always been organic, sustainably growing their flowers, produce, and fruit in Corralitos, CA without the use of harmful pesticides. 
Thomas Farm's locally grown, organic flowers, never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The Thomas Farm's growing practices reduce chemical exposures, lower fuel emissions, and offer safe conditions for farm-workers, and those who live on, and in proximity to, the farm. Not only that, but we pick and bunch our flowers the morning before delivery, so they are super fresh, and healthy--ready for a long life in your home. 
Josh and Kari Thomas are the second generation of organic flower (and produce) growers, have three children, a farm dog named "Junior", and a fourth child on her way! Their grower certification list spans ten pages in length, the longest in Santa Cruz County. We hope you will anticipate the flowers each season brings, and choose to follow and support us through those season's changes!


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