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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Unique Vases

Madeline Trait

Tina Frey Black Resin Vase

Vintage Ceramic Vase

Vintage Maple Bucket


Flowers are a beautiful species that awe and delight without even having a human enhancing them in any way. However when you go to arrange those delightful blooms be sure to give them that finishing touch, that final accessory which is the vessel that they are placed in.

To help you out, I have pulled a couple examples from my rental inventory.

First we have a modern low vase and bud vase from Tina Frey for chic and fashionable city party. I personally love it with a single variety of bright blooms.

Second we have a vintage sea foam ceramic vase that I found on Etsy. This is a great statement piece that can be used in a modern home for contrast or feel at place in a more traditional environment. Either way I think it looks grand with large blooming branches and foliage.

Third is a vintage maple bucket which is perfect for that rustic affair. Use it as a focal point for your entry or something to adorn your food spread. It would look like it came straight from the farm or farmers market with sunflowers or a mixture of bright wild flowers.

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Fun with Ranunculus

Madeline Trait


Spring is here and so are Ranunculus! This weekend I picked up the first batch from Thomas Farm in Aptos. Not only are Thomas Farm's flowers beautiful and healthy they are truly sustainable in that they are local and organic!

The Ranunculus are such a beautiful flower that I was inspired to do the following arrangements!




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Ariella Chezar

Madeline Trait

Ariella is all over the web with her beautiful flower compositions. She has a way of putting together interesting colors, textures and shapes in a seemingly loose composition but in a well thought out way. I just love what she comes up with. I also just purchased her book and hope to find my own distinct voice such as she did. But in the mean time, I will continue to be inspired.

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