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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Rustic Chic Design

Madeline Trait

What is rustic chic? Well it can be many things but I interpret it to be something that has elements of rustic but is also has ones that are refined. For example the setting can be a rustic barn but then there are elements of gold mixed in. To me it also means it is a mix of perhaps vintage or aged items paired with ones that are pristine or well kept that can be new or old. This is a popular look for weddings and there is a reason, it's gorgeous. In the bay area we are lucky as we have lots of farm areas close by that lend themselves to this look for weddings and other events for that matter. 

Here are a couple ideas that I have to get that rustic chic looking for your next event.  


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Rockin Decor

Madeline Trait

Rocks are a simple, easy and cheap way to decorate for a party or wedding. You can paint them to use them as decorative pieces, write them for a guest book or use them as your escort cards. My point, they're versatile and can add to and compliment many decors from natural to glam.  

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Persimmions, Oranges and Holiday Cheer

Madeline Trait

To continue on the theme of the holidays and decorating, I was able to put out all my holiday decorations I have gathered over the years. It wasn't much but then I brought home some flowers with a great holiday combination of Orange, Red and Burgundy. I also thought gold as an accent would add just the right holiday effect.

Starting from the upper left hand corner: a. my very own decorations and arrangement of berries. b. Oranges add a festive touch in this modern home. c. Oranges and cloves d. a wheat wreath e. gold leaves add an elegant touch to the table f. also another one of my own creations with some wooden ornaments.
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