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LightBox SF - Creating Space

Madeline Trait

  • A special announcement!

    So, if you know the LightBox girls they have a great thing going on. Shelly contacted me a couple weeks ago about one of her services that she offers and I wanted to share with you all as I think it's a brillient idea. Read on for more information.

    Lightbox SF as you may know is a San Francisco based creative coaching business, Shelly works with her clients through a program she developed called Creating Space. The goal of Creating Space is to help artists work more efficiently through self awareness and breaking bad habits, setting up better organization systems and conquering time management. What she hopes for is that her clients will learn to live more freely, simply by recognizing what they really want and need. 


    The Process

    If you live in San Francisco, it starts with a studio visit and a whole lot of talking about dreams and obtainable goals and then a plan is set up. If you are outside of the area, you and Shelly will virtually explore your space with Skype, videos and photos or a combo of all three. The rest of the time is spent on the phone for weekly a check in and homework assignments. Occasionally Shelly will physically step in and help with full studio overhauls. The end result of Creating Space is to clear both your physical and mental states of clutter, getting rid of what is not working and opening up room for new inspirations. 

    The first month you'll fill out an initial assessment questionnaire and receive one 45 minute in person or virtual meeting in addition to the weekly 15 minute phone consultations and email support. The following months will continue with weekly phone check-ins.


    Your Lucky Day!!
    Shelly is offering a 10% discount to friends and family if you sign up now through the month of July (You can purchase for future months at this time at the discounted amount). With the discount the initial month of Creating Space with a studio visit and 3 15-minute phone sessions is $200 (normally $225). And each following month, consisting of 4 15-minute phone sessions and email support is $100 (normally $125).
    Feel free to contact her with any questions!

    Shelly Kerry
    Co-Owner of Lightbox SF,

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