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Custom Arrangements

Madeline Trait

A winter arrangement created with tulips, lemon geranium leaves, wax flower, stock and gerbera daisies. 

I majority of flowers I do are for events so I don't typically keep fresh flowers on hand. However, I occasionally do arrangements to order for delivery or pick up. Recently, I had a call from a lovely woman in New York who wanted something special for her brother. This got me to thinking that what I offer for this type of service is similar to what I do for weddings. So, want a well designed customized made to order arrangement look no further. How it works; give me a call or email and tell me the style and color you are looking for. I will let you know what is available as far as seasonal and California grown blooms. We can even discuss the container if you want something unique. Then, we decide on a budget and were off. I will even send you an picture of the finished product. It's not as convenient as Teleflora but it's something that is tailored to the recipient, and unique. To order or for more info on pricing email:

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Where are your flowers grown?

Madeline Trait

What makes me different as your local and green floral designer?
  • Though sometimes I do buy flowers at the flower market, I choose flowers grown in California. 
  • I get the majority of my flowers from California growers who grow their flowers outside, like Thomas Farm in Aptos, CA
  • Even if I have to drive out to the farm to get the flowers...I will. Like Garden Valley Ranch in Petaluma or Aztec Dahlias. 
  • I don't own a car. I use Zipcar to stay green and my bike for local delivery and errands. (weather permitting)
  • I try not to use green floral foam in my designs but rather wire or other materials that can be reused or recycled. 
The typical life span of a commercially grown flower.  
  1. Growers choose what varieties to plant based on durability during shipping, handling, and shelf life. 
  2. Flowers are planted on mega-farms, typically in South America.
  3. They will tend to be heavily sprayed with unknown chemicals, as they are outside the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture.
  4. Flowers are harvested by low cost laborers.
  5. Flowers are packed in cardboard and plastic for shipping.
  6. Flowers are trucked to the airport at least a day after harvesting.
  7. Flowers are crammed onto an airplane and flown thousands of miles to the USA.
  8. Flowers are trucked from the US airport to a wholesale floral distributer, like the San Francisco Flower Market.
  9. Florists buy flowers from the Flower Market.
  10. Florists drive flowers back to their shop.
  11. Florists arrange flowers for your event.
  12. Flowers are delivered to your event.


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What is this "Pop Up" shop anyway?

Madeline Trait

I wanted to clear things up for everyone as I have been asked by several people "what is this pop up shop thing?" 


In the Banana Republic that is located at Grant and Sutter downtown they have dedicated a portion of the store to SF Made. If you don't know what SF Made is, it is a non-profit who's aim is to support and promote manufacturing in San Francisco. So, the store is a partnership between SF Made and Banana Republic as a way to promote local businesses. Where I come in is that they wanted to have fresh flower as a part of the store since it was happening during the spring. 


I was presented with the opportunity and was more than happy to try this experiment out. The way that the flowers work is that I am delivering fresh locally grown flowers bi-weekly to the store where the Banana Republic staff sells them. The products are $15 and $30 pre-wrapped bouquets and flowers in locally made vases at $50 and $75. I am there on Fridays and Saturdays to create custom wrapped bouquets for people at the following price points of $15, $30, $50 and $75. I will be working on offering delivery from the store as well as pre-ordered bouquets for pick-up or delivery as I am still figuring out logistics on that. 

So how long is this going on? It will be open until May, so you can order arrangements from me for Mother's Day!!


I always love company, so if you are downtown on Fridays and Saturdays, please come by and say hello!



Pictures from the shop. 








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Thomas Farm

Madeline Trait

I discovered Thomas Farm's flowers at a farmers market in San Francisco and am so happy I did. Their flowers are beautiful, organic and sustainable. This is why I am using them for the pop up shop at Banana Republic with only a few other selected local farms.
Their History
Established in 1971, the Thomas Farm has always been organic, sustainably growing their flowers, produce, and fruit in Corralitos, CA without the use of harmful pesticides. 
Thomas Farm's locally grown, organic flowers, never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The Thomas Farm's growing practices reduce chemical exposures, lower fuel emissions, and offer safe conditions for farm-workers, and those who live on, and in proximity to, the farm. Not only that, but we pick and bunch our flowers the morning before delivery, so they are super fresh, and healthy--ready for a long life in your home. 
Josh and Kari Thomas are the second generation of organic flower (and produce) growers, have three children, a farm dog named "Junior", and a fourth child on her way! Their grower certification list spans ten pages in length, the longest in Santa Cruz County. We hope you will anticipate the flowers each season brings, and choose to follow and support us through those season's changes!


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