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Party Products

Madeline Trait

It is a known fact that I love parties and especially decorating them. That is why I do what I do. Part of that is discovering creative ways to add a touch of personality. So here is a selection of some fun products and DIY projects to add those unique decorative details to your celebration. 

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Balloon Decor

Madeline Trait

Lately I have seen balloons being used in unique ways for decor and art. I have never been drawn to balloons but with the discovery of these unique and imaginative ideas that is starting to change. I like the idea of using balloons in a modern way to create a visual impact for any event.

All you need to do is use your imagination. 

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The Shoppe

Madeline Trait

I am slowly stocking my new online store with unique party decorations for all celebrations. I haven't "officially" launched it but that doesn't mean you can't come by and buy. I have many more items coming down the pipeline so stay tuned. But for now here are:

TL: Ever After Cake Topper
TR: Thistle cupcake topper/cake decor
BL: Garden Rose cupcake/cake toppers
BR: Dandelion cupcake/cake toppers

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