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​Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

I have been a designer since I could remember picking up a crayon but officially started my own business in 2009. My business is a continuous evolution, I started with flowers but always had the intention of making it into more event design and now I am evolving even further expanding into illustration and product design. While growing my own business I have continued to freelance as an interior architectural designer and have more than 10 years experience. I guess you can say I love all aspects of design. 

What is event design?

Event design is the service of creating an overall concept and look for your event. This is in addition to the flowers as it includes decorative elements other than flowers such as signage, lighting, furniture, and non floral decor. 

Where did you receive your training?

I am self-taught in the world of flowers and have several years experience as an interior designer and architect. I also am an artist and am always experimenting with new techniques and materials and I continually bring that knowledge and innovation to my clients. 

How many other weddings or events will you schedule on the same day?

I only schedule one wedding or event a day and prefer to only do one large event a week. The reason is that with the flowers and especially the event design there are a lot of components and complexity. With that I want to ensure that the quality of the event is maintained. 

Will you be doing my arrangements yourself or would it be another floral designer?

I personally design all the arrangements and depending on the size of the event will hire a floral assistant for production. 

Can you provide me with 3–4 recent brides that I can contact for references?

Of course. I like maintaining a relationship with my couples long after the wedding has passed.

Is there a difference in price if I use one type of flower vs. a mixed arrangement or bouquet?

The type of the flower will only change the price slightly especially if it is a high end flower such as peonies and roses. My pricing mainly reflects the cost of the design and production time in which to create it. 

If I request it, can you provide any organic, pesticide-free or sustainable grown varieties?

This is a cornerstone of my business. I provide organic, veriflora certified and blooms from local farms. My aim is to be sustainable but also to support the local community of growers. Did you know that 80% of flowers are imported? 

What about coordinating boutonnières, bridesmaid flowers, and centerpieces? Can you suggest anything special to coordinate with the theme/venue/season of my event?

Of course, we provide design guidance as part of our service. Our service is not only creating beautiful flowers but making sure that they all coordinate with one another and the overall look and feel or your event. 

What other décor can you provide (aisle runner, candelabra, trees, arches, votive, mirrors, etc.)? How will these items affect the overall cost?

I provide event design services which would include other decorative items. I also have rental items that I offer to both my floral and event design clients which can be bought outright or for a rental fee. 

Will you work with my cake designer if I decide to add flowers to my wedding cake? If so, is there an additional setup fee for this?

Yes, I have collaborated with many bakers/cake designers. It is an additional fee that is dependent on the flowers, complexity of the design and set-up. I also have a line of wood cut cake toppers in The Shoppe that you may like!

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Yes, it is dependent on the location of your event.

Do you have an extra charge for the setup and breakdown of the flower décor?

In my event design packages set up and break down will be included in your estimate. This fee will vary based on the complexity of your event. 

Is there an extra fee if I need you to stay throughout the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?

Yes, there is an hourly rate for myself or for one of my assistants to stay on location.

How far in advance do I need to secure your services?

The sooner the better but typically it is 12 to 9 months before your event. The sooner I am hired the more effective I can be with the concept and overall design of your event. 

When can I expect to receive my contract from you?

After our in person meeting you will receive a contract where you will pay a 50% deposit based on that estimate to secure me for your event. 

What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel my order?

It is outlined in my contract and is dependent on your particular situation.