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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Miconia Leaf Print


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Miconia Leaf Print


Miconia Leaf Print

from 20.00

A print of an original work by Madeline Trait. The original was drawn with ink pens and the print was printed on 100% cotton paper on an Epson Artisan 835. 

Size: 8x10

Mat available for an additional $5. 

More about the art: 

In Hawaii, Miconia is a weed and a killer. Though visually stunning it chokes out the life of all other plants around it. Known as the Green Cancer it is one of the largest threats to the fragile ecosystem in Hawai'i. The leaves are dark green on the top, a striking purple on the underside and grow up to 3 feet long. The way it works is that the dense leaves prevent sunlight from reaching the forest floor, causing the other plant life to die and be replaced by more Miconia. In Hawai'i there is an ongoing effort to kill the species. 

Even though the Miconia is a killer, I find it visually intriguing. If you find yourself in Hawaii and encounter the Miconia plant, dig it out of the ground, and enjoy it’s leaves until it’s dead!

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