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Telephone Flower Illustration by Madeline Trait

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Monstera and Taro Leaf 8x10 Print


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Monstera and Taro Leaf 8x10 Print


Monstera and Taro Leaf 8x10 Print


An original drawing by Madeline Trait. 

Drawn with ink pens these leaves are extremely detailed. Each print is printed on 100% Cotton paper and printed on an Epson Artisan 835 printer. They are extremely close to the original work. Each print is signed and dated by the artist.

The prints comes without matting. 

Size: 8x10

Monstera is native to Central America and Mexico, but the plant definitely speaks of the tropics.

The monstera is dramatic with it holes and size. It’s fun to draw and explore it’s many forms and colors. 

The Taro has a rich Hawaiian history and prominent place in the Hawaiian culture. In the tales of taro's origins, it is the stillborn first child of Wakea, the sky father, and his daughter Ho`ohokukalani (daughter to Papa, the earth mother). This child was buried near the house and grew into a taro plant they named Haloanaka, or long stalk trembling. The second son born to Wakea and Ho`ohokukalani took human form and was named Haloa after his elder brother. From Haloa the human race descended. Thus the Hawaiians as a people understood themselves to be closely related to taro.

The taro is striking in size and the patterns that the veins form on the leafs’ surface.  I love exploring the different patterns and various colors on this visually intriguing leaf.  



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